Startup Ecosystem

Explore FIERCE Kitchens’ dynamic ecosystem, empowering culinary entrepreneurs with infrastructure, expertise, and financial support. From commercial kitchens to networking opportunities, we fuel culinary innovation at every stage.

Support System

Training and Skill Development

• Training space
• Access to subject matter experts
• Hiring support + training

Marketing and Business Development

• Marketing and PR
• Website development (SEO + SEM)

Administrative Assistance

• HR, accounting, and admin support
• Business compliance support
• Legal and compliance practices
• Govt. liaising

Business Training and Support

• Business plan development & strategy
• Financial model development
• Access to investment + grants
• Supply chain management and support

Community Engagement and Networking

• Networking events
• Collaborative opportunities
• Community support initiatives


Infrastructure and Operations Support

  • Fully equipped commercial cloud kitchen
  • Co-working space with WiFi
  • All operating licenses
  • Procurement and storage
  • Product Development

In house Cafe, Aggregator, Marketplace

  • In-house cafe space for product display and trial
  • Access to aggregators portals (using our license) and marketplace
  • Access to shelf space through tie-ups
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